7 Gorgeous Kitchens With Grey Cabinets

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Don't raise an eyebrow. Open your mind a little, and allow us to completely blow you away with how grey is very much in today. Although it may seem an odd color to introduce in the kitchen, when it's done right, you can turn your drab outdated room into the new, sophisticated, and even glamorous highlight of the house. Now as we promised, allow us to gently prod you over to our side of the fence — the gorgeous, grey side.


grey kitchen ideas

Photo Credit: jmwoodworks.com

 You can close your mouth now. No one looks good gaping. Didn't know grey cabinets could look so shaker-chic did you? This kitchen is beautiful, and the lovely tiled back-splash is highlighted by the embedded lighting. The wooden ceiling beams are absolutely gorgeous in this luxurious kitchen, and all elements compliment each other wonderfully.


traditional grey kitchen cabinets


Photo Credit: merillat.com

You have to appreciate the bottom heavy feel that the lower grey cabinets/island offer in this kitchen. The white upper cabinets work as an accent piece, and they propose a light, and airy atmosphere to the differing tones of grey.


kitchen ideas with grey cabinets

Photo Credit: sf5355.com

The grey in this kitchen speaks sophistication. Don't you love that the cabinets glimmer, and are complemented by the pink, glass back-splash? The marble wall adds a touch of class too.


design for grey kitchens


Photo Credit: homedesignlover.com

You're still wrong if you think grey is cold. We adore the warmth the yellow painted walls and lighting bring to the room. The grey adds some well-balanced formality to the kitchen, while all the other elements enhance a welcoming and warm display.


grey kitchen cabinets


Photo Credit: homedesignlover.com

From the hardwood flooring and grey cabinets to the white beveled arabesque tiles and can lighting, you're stimulated with visual texture which makes this kitchen a ten out of ten.


image of grey kitchen cabinets


Photo Credit: homedesignlover.com

Grey works in small spaces too. The glossiness of the cabinets combined with the solid wood countertops gives this small kitchen a modern look with a designer's touch. We applaud the homeowners efforts to provide a clean, airy, and spacious look with the use of floating cabinets.


kitchen with grey cabinets and bar stools

Photo Credit: homedesignlover.com

Believe it or not, the cabinets are elongated by use of the grey tone. We highly approve of the grey crown molding that caps the tops to the ceiling to give this kitchen the illusion of height. You can tell this is a custom job that was probably very expensive, but definitely worth it!

Grey cabinets offer a sense of serenity and calmness, but don't be afraid to add just a little bit of chaos in the form of colored accessories and decor. This article was written by Jane from www.modernize.com. For more kitchen cabinet ideas and inspiration check out Modernize!

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