About Me

My name is Lyndi Dunlavy and I am the owner of Ellie Bean Design Company and the writer of this blog. I am an Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, House Flipper, and most importantly a single mama to four beautiful kids.  I love life.  I love love. I am determined to live my life with passion and purpose all while being my true authentic self.  It has been a journey to learn who I really am, and I can finally say, I have found me. 

I LOVE to create and design anything from houses, fashion, landscapes, home decor, graphics, new recipes, fabrics, furniture & custom house plans .  The process of seeing a project come together exactly how I had envisioned it in my head, gives me complete joy and satisfaction.

I am excited to share with my followers all the things that I am learning on how to be more successful in every aspect of life.  I want to inspire them to make their lives happier, healthier, more peaceful and beautiful! 

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