April Fools Day Menu that Kids will LOVE!

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I love to make April Fools Day fun for the kids...they get a kick out of the simplest things!  Of course my life revolves around food on any normal day, so it is just natural for me to make April Fools Day all about the FOOD!!  I made this menu from The Crazy Cafe and you can print this out and let your dinner guests choose what they want for their April Fools Day dinner...they will be VERY surprised when their plate arrives at the table!!  

I let my kids take turns being the "waiter".   They will take one persons order and then I let the "waiter" help me in the kitchen creating that plate.  They take turns doing this until everyone is served...they absolutely love it!   Oh, and I don't want to be held responsible for the insane sugar high that your kids might get from this!  It's only one day out of the year...right?   

download like below 


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