Letters To My Lovelies…

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I have kept a notebook in my drawer that I named "Funny Things My Kids Say".  My girls have their fair share of funny sayings, but this book is mostly full of Max"isms".  He started talking full sentences at 12 months and since then all he talks about are body parts, swear words, telling jokes or asking questions that are so funny, but very inappropriate.  I have absolutely loved looking back at this notebook because I forget so easily all the sweet and funny things that my kids say.

One of my favorite quotes was when Max was barely three, a kid asked him "Why are you black, Max?", and he said without hesitation, "I'm not black, I am brown...why don't you know your colors yet?" He is so clever and witty and he keeps me laughing my ass off! I know that when my kids are all grown up this will be a precious book to look and laugh at.  

Last week I was asked to write a letter to my 12 year old daughter by her church leaders.  I was supposed to write about what my hope was for her future.  I wrote this letter and it made me cry.  It made me realize that I need to put these words down on paper A LOT more.  I've always been encouraged to write in my journal but at this stage in my life I think it is even more important to write to my kids so they can remember their childhood.  Also, if something were to happen to me I would want my kids to have letters from me, to remember how I felt about them, the love I had for them, my words of encouragement and my hope for their lives.  

With some hesitation, I decided to attach a copy of the letter that I wrote to Madison.  I hope it will inspire you to write something like it for your sweet ones.  I know these letters will one day be cherished, so I decided that every Sunday I would write one letter to one of my kids or to another loved one...i will put it in a file box so it will be kept safe, or if they are old enough I will give it to them.

I'm very excited to do this and I hope you will join me in this endeavor!  I have created several labels in a variety of colors to customize a notebook or file box for your specific situation.

Microsoft Word - My Dear Sweet Madsy.docx

I got this great patterned file box, binder and notebooks all from Target...all you need to do is print out your label of choice (5x7 or 4x6), cut it out and put it on.  It it easy, cheap and cute!!

To save the label of your choice,  just right click on the image and hit "save as" and save it to your computer.
filebox lettersletters1letters-gray-turqletters-yellow-blue loveyou letters-babyblue letters-baby pink letters-mustard letters-blue letters-pink  letters-yellow


The Lagrasse Staging Project…

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When a house is for sale, it is a good idea to stage it with furniture so the future home buyer can visualize how they could set it up.  Plus, it looks a lot better and adds more character to the home.  Homes sell a lot faster when they are staged correctly.  This house was brand new and very nice so it was a pretty easy job!  We decorated the kitchen, dining room and family room.   

Entry way-Before


Entry Way-After

I like to decorate very clean and simply...big chunky pieces of furniture is the key and then add a few decor pieces.  A mirror in an entry way opens up the space.


When I first saw this family room, I thought it was a funky shape...but once we got the furniture in and the tv on the wall, it warmed it up and it felt like home!

TV Wall-Before


TV Wall-AfterIMG_3940

Family Room-BeforeIMG_3871

Family Room-AfterIMG_3890

For the kitchen we used turquoise and yellow as our colors to give it a fun, upbeat feeling.   I made some signs and put them in frames (download for free below), found some funky cups and bowls and displayed them I added a few other decor pieces.



Dining Room-After


Kitchen Signs-download for free belowIMG_3926

This home is 3000 square feet and the price is $379,900.  It is located in my favorite brand new subdivision in Saint George, Utah in the Little Valley area.

If you are interested in this home, contact Steve at 435.313.7312.


My uplifting quotes for today…Free Download

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I usually have a pretty good attitude on life.  I am a positive person naturally and I like to look on the bright side of things in most cases...but some days just suck and I would like to hit the fast forward button!  I have tried to train myself on these low point days, to change my mindset and to create a different situation.  I believe that we can create whatever we want in life.  These are 2 of my favorite quotes that help me on days like this and keep my head above water.  Stay Awesome!!! Download for free below.start being awesomecreating yourselflovelyndi


How to decorate a Laundry Room…on a budget!

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The laundry room isn't the first place you would think to decorate, right?  Well, it's the first room that I decorated in my new house because it is easy and inexpensive!  Check out the before picture on all the stuff that I used...not very impressive, but with some spray paint, glass jars and some old frames I was able to make this laundry room a happy place to be! 

I wanted to decorate with things that I use, so I bought Oxi Clean, detergent packets, Downy Clear (cause its white, and I wanted it to match) and the pink Downy Unstoppable's.  I bought the Valspar spray paint from Lowes and all the glass jars from Target.  I put the fabric softener in a large glass old fashioned drink container with a spout...I love it, even though it looks like milk!  I painted all the lids and frames...created some cute laundry quotes (download for free below) and printed off some pictures of my kids playing in water.  I spend sooo much time in the laundry room, so I am so glad that I have something fun to look at!! 

laundry roomaaaaaaaaa

 This is what I started with

laundry room before



My Mom/My Grandma…Questionnaire for kids! Free Download

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My life has been a tad bit busy lately, so I apologize that my postings on the blog have been scarce this week!  I will be posting a lot over the next few days...I have an amazing recipe for a Lemon Creme Cake that would be perfect to make on Mothers Day, pictures of a couple of fun design projects that I am working on, and a challenge that I am going to give to all of my readers...oh, it will be so FUN!  First, I want to post this fun questionnaire that I created for kids to answer about their moms or about their grandmas.  It makes a wonderful present for Mothers Day because all of the answers tend to be so funny!!  

Download links below...prints on an 8.5x11 sheet




my grandma


A Tub Full of Sunshine

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It seems like tragedy is happening all around us, and recently my daughter has a friend who's dad passed away unexpectedly.  In these situations it's hard to know how to help, what to say or what you can do.  We wanted to brighten her day, so we came up with an idea to give her a Tub Full of Sunshine!

We began by going to Target and finding anything that was yellow, orange or hot pink!  We got this awesome tub there for only 7 bucks and it fit everything in it perfectly!  The key is to get big stuff for the bottom that doesn't cost a lot of money...we got a huge thing of bubbles, soda, gatorade and a big bag of chips for the filler, then we arranged all the smaller things on top and it looks like it is stuffed full of fun.  



After we arranged everything, we wrapped cellophane around the tub and attached this tag to the top (download for free below)!


Here is the final product...I think this would make anyone smile!

tub2This tag will print out great on a 4x6 or 8x12 sized paper



Free Mothers Day Gift Tags

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These are the perfect gift tags to put on ANY present for ANY women on Mothers Day!  They will print out perfectly on a 4x6...you'll just need to cut off the white corners and punch the hole, put some ribbon on it and tie it to the gift!  

Mothers Day is May 12th...get on it my friends!

Download Links Below...

All the wrapping, gift bags, tissue and frame below was purchased at Target.

IMG_3462mustache IMG_3428 happymothersday

yourfavkid IMG_3458amazingmotherIMG_3484hometag


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