Best Easter Dinner Recipes

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In our family Easter is a special holiday and a day where we get together and share an Easter meal together. I've gathered a list of the best Easter Dinner recipes and if your family is like mine, they are sure to become a tradition. So here are my Easter Dinner Recipes, enjoy!

 easter dinner recipes

Glazed Easter Ham

      eater ham recipe 

Twice Baked Potatoes

easter potatoes recipe

Honey Glazed Carrots



Colorful Deviled Eggs
deviled eggs for easter


Honey Butter Rolls


Cucumber Strawberry Salad


Better Than Easter... Carrot Cake Poke Cake


German Chocolate Bird's Nest



The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Menu & Recipes

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Valentines Day Cards {FREE Download}

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If you are a procrastinator like me, then here are some free Valentines Day printables for you to download just in the nick of time!  There is one for everyone from friends, neighbors, baby daddies, kids classmates and for the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!!!  Of course if you are on top of things and already have your kids class valentines all ready to go, then come back to this post next year! :) These all download easily as a 4x6 or 2x3.5 card!  I just upload mine straight to costco photo center to make it cheap and easy!  Happy Valentines Day! beminelongmustachevdayyouarehere1babydaddy1IMG_6607wheelielikeyou1owlvalentine1IMG_6609


Here are all the Valentines Cards that I have created.  To Download for free, click on the link under each card.vday2



babymamadaddy supervday1



Valentines Day – Cupid Floats

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Here is a super simple Valentine’s Day drink that I found from the Some What Simple blog...and you are going to LOVE these - Cupid Floats!!! Just like the classic Root Beer Float, this drink is made with soda and ice cream and the result is a creamy, fizzy, FUN thirst quencher!

Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream Cherry 7-Up Red licorice Directions: Add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream to a drinking cup or mug. Fill the cup with Cherry 7-Up. Cut the ends off of 1 strand of red licorice, then place into the cup to use as a straw!  Drink and enjoy!  I am going to make these for Max's class party and I'm sure the kids will love them! 



Valentines Day Party

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Valentines Day...if you are in a loving relationship its a wonderful holiday, but if you aren't, then it's can be a drudgery!!  Whatever your specific situation, I say no matter what, we should all have a party that involves good food, fun and treats.  I love LOVE and I am truly a hopeless romantic and I want everyone to have sweet love in their life.  I am excited to celebrate Valentines Day with my loved ones this year!  My friends over at Catch My Party designed this fun Valentine Day Party Display.  I want to create something fun like this at my house!


valentine-marshmallows_standard  ombre-pink-valentine-cake_standard hello-love-valentine-ideas_standard


New Years Eve Party for KIDS!

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Hello my friends!  I think my new years resolution needs to be to keep up on my blog a little better ('s been crazy)!  I am so excited to start fresh in 2014, and I plan on this upcoming year to be a very happy one for me. 

This New Years Eve, I decided to have a party with kids instead of adults...and I couldn't be happier!  I am thrilled to bring in the new year with them and make it an amazing memory for all of us.  I have come up with some ideas to make the night easy and super FUN!! 


I'm letting my kids invite a few friends and this will be our agenda:

Come in your PJ's: Okay lets be honest, I am doing this first one mostly for myself!  Wearing your pj's just makes everything, you can eat more this way! 

Have Balloons with Written Times:  To make your night and schedule run smoothly, blow up balloons and add a paper with your plan for that specific hour.  When it is that time, let the kids pop the balloon and read what is next on the agenda. They will love this!!


 6:00-Make Individual Homemade Pizzas:  Making your own pizza is always a hit with kids and it gets their creative brain working.  You can make the dough yourself, or just buy the pizza crust already made (that's what I'm doing).  Then, buy pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, peperoni, olives, ham, pineapple, mushrooms, tomatoes, and whatever else you like on your pizza.  Bake them for 10-15 minutes on 375 degrees.  EASY!!


7:00-Make Party Hats: Create your own party hats for your celebration with cardstock and ribbon! Decorate them by using pom-poms, glitter, sequins, glitter glue, ribbon, and anything else you have laying around. 


Party hat picture from

8:00-Make and Decorate Cookies & Sprinkle Topped Milk Glasses


9:00-Play Charades: Come up with topics that have to do with new years eve...a few ideas are: Sparklers, Time Square, Clock, 2014, Balloons, Confetti, Party, Crowd, Goals, Food, Midnight, Ball Drop.

10:00-White Elephant Gift Game, Write New Year Resolutions & Hot Chocolate Bar


11:00 Karaoke & Dance Party!! Turn up the music, dance, sing and have Advil close by!

12:00 Scream, Bang Pots and Pans, Brush their Teeth and go to BED :) !

I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve and a blessed New Year!

Love, Lyndi

P.S. If you want to go by New York time so the kids can go to bed sooner, then change your clocks in the name of your sanity.

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