Easy Halloween Food for KIDS!

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I have the lucky job of being Max's room mom for his first grade class this year!  I love this job because my main focus is to plan all the PARTIES!  I am currently planning the Halloween party that will happen next week, and I thought I would share some ideas with you if you happen to be doing the same thing.

Now onto food...these are a few fun, super EASY (I'm all about that) ideas that I know the kids will go crazy over.  My favorite...the bloody syringe drinks!  Yum!!  Details on each food item are listed  below.

halloween food for kids1. Delicious and Crunchy Bones: Straight pretzel, mini marshmallows on each end and dipped in white chocolate.

2.  Sweet and Juicy Pumpkins: Clementine oranges peeled with a green pipe cleaner in the middle.  

3.  Frankenstein Cups:  Pudding, green food coloring, crushed oreo for the top, draw a face on a clear plastic cup.

4.  Witches Hats: Keebler Fudge striped cookies, orange frosting, hershey kiss.

5. Vampire Doughnuts: Doughnut, vampire teeth and chocolate chips.

6.  Witches Broom: String cheese and a pretzel.

7.  Used up Bandaids: Cinnamon graham crackers, frosting and jelly.

8.  Monster Pudding Cups: Pudding, food coloring to make desired color, multicolor sprinkles to the top of each cup and draw a face onto a clear plastic cup.  

9.  Bloody Punch: Clear cups, Sprite, red punch or cherry syrup, syringes.

10.  Mummy Dogs: Hot dogs, crescent rolls, ketchup and mustard.  


Halloween Gift Tags {Free Download}

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A Halloween gift tag can add the perfect touch to any plate of cookies or gift you are giving to someone special.  These gift tags will work great for neighbors, friends, teachers or any random person on the street that you want to give a Halloween treat to!  I've created five different versions of these gift tags and you can download your favorite ones for free below!  They print out perfectly on a 4x6 card. 


I wanted to change it up a bit and use some colors besides orange for these gift tags. With this one, I used black and turquoise and I love how unique it is! I bought the bag and tissue paper from Target and it all matches perfectly.


Let's eat, drink and be scary PLEASE! I think this one is my favorite...but maybe it's just the caramel apple that I am drooling over!




This gift tag will work for anyone and you can sign your name to the written message.  These cookies definitely made me lose my focus on eating healthy today...but since it's this close to Halloween, it's okay right?!?




This is a classy take on Halloween (is that even possible??) with baby blue and gray polka dots. I also bought this bag and tissue paper from Target and it is a perfect match!




There's no such thing as too much candy! I couldn't agree more...but please don't tell my kids!


Halloween Party Invitations {Free Giveaway}

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Here are a few different designs that I've created for all of the Halloween parties coming up.  For the first 10 people to email me, I will customize one of these four invitations for you for FREE!  It will be in digital format and I can email it to you within the next few days...all you will need to do is upload it to your online printer of choice (Costco, Walmart, ect)  or print it yourself at home.  Each Invitation is 5x7 size.  If you aren't one of the first ten to email me, it is only $15...Happy Halloween!!  Email me for any questions.


Halloween Bash



halloween invite

Black and Orange Costume Halloween Party




Eat, Drink & Be Scary




Kids Halloween Party



I’m a Contributor…at Over the Big Moon!

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I was recently asked to be a monthly contributor on the very famous blog Over the Big Moon! I am so excited for the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with their readers.  My first post was on how to decorate your mantel or console table for Halloween in a very classic, pretty and non-freaky way:)!  Check out my post with several more photos and enjoy the free downloads.  Halloween Decorating with Free Sign & Bunting Printables!boo13 boo8 boo2

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