How to get the perfect soft curls, plus my FAVORITE hair products!

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Being an interior designer, it's funny to me that a lot of my emails and comments that I get from my followers are questions about mine or my kids appearance.  These questions range from our hair, clothes, skin care, my gym routines, to what we eat on a daily basis.  I am definitely not an expert in any of these fields, so that's why it makes me laugh to answer some of these questions.  I have had several requests to do a blog post about my hair and I have recently found some amazing products, so I thought I'd share them with you. 

Check out Madison's hair when it air dries...can you say crazy lion afro? This girls hair is thick, coarse and naturally curly.  She has a beautiful color and ever since she was a baby people have asked me if I dye her hair.  She gets compliments on it all the time, but her hair is usually in a braid or a messy bun because it's so hard to tame.  Until now!! I have tried a variety of flat irons and none of them can even compare to the Sam Villa Sleekr.  It took her hair from crazy to sleek within minutes.  Check out her before and after pictures...unbelievable! beforeafter

Then there was hair is naturally thick, coarse, and a bit frizzy.   With these certain hair products and tools, I can get my hair soft and healthy looking.  IMG_5297photo456 IMG_5337IMG_5340IMG_5341Let's talk products


 1.  Redken Smooth Lock: I put this in my hair before I flat iron or curl it and it keeps it nice and smooth...or, put it on the flyaways after styling.

2.  Palmers Coconut Oil Formula:  This is one of my all time favorite styling products and it is inexpensive and you can buy it at Target.  I put a small amount on each section of my hair before I curl or flat iron it.  It keeps my hair smooth and frizz free. 

3.  Redken Hairspray #12: I use this when I am done styling to give my hair the finished look...smells great too!

4.  Redken Powder Refresher: This is key...especially if you sweat on a daily basis, or if your hair gets oily.  I try to go 5 days without washing my hair (it's so healthy for your hair to do this) and this helps keep my hair looking fresh and clean.

5.  Heat Protectant:  Make sure you use a heat protectant spray before you use a flat iron or curling iron.  This will protect your hair from becoming damaged.  This Matrix brand is the one I am currently using, but there are several great ones out there. 

6.  Hot Tools Ceramic Curling Iron: I use 1 1/2 inch rod and I curl it in large sections to give it that relaxed, soft look.  Here's a great tutorial on exactly how I curl my hair with a curling iron, from my friends blog The Girl in the Yellow Dress.

7.  Sam Villa Sleekr Flat Iron:  This is the best tool I've ever owned.  I use this to do my hair straight, soft sexy curls, beachy waves, or tight curls.  I absolutely love it.  Here's a tutorial to learn how to use a flat iron to make curls.

If you want to purchase the Sam Villa Sleekr, I have a 20% off code for all of my readers.  Use EBDC in the coupon code box when checking out. 

I bought the Redken products and curling iron from Ulta.


Here is my routine on when I use these products:

Day one: wash hair, heat protectant, smooth lock (just a small amount), blow dry, section hair and apply a small amount of the coconut hair milk to each section right before you curl or flat iron it.  It depends on the day if I use the hair spray because it will add more hold, and somedays I want a more relaxed look.

Day two-five: Use the powder refresher the day your hair starts to look or feel greasy. It will pull the grease out and give it volume instantly.  I spray it on and blow dry it through for a minute. Some people can keep the same curls from the day before, but I usually need to go through mine quickly again. When I do, I apply a small amount of the coconut hair milk to keep it looking tame. After I am done curling it, I will wait for all the heat to get out of my hair and I will pull my fingers through it to make the curls separated. I will add some oil shine or the Redken smooth lock to calm any flyaways. It usually only takes me ten minutes to do my hair on the days I don't wash it.


Cake Bunting Banner

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Let me introduce you to the amazing new idea, known as Cake Bunting!  I've made a few of these cake bunting banners and I reuse them over and over again.  They can take any plain cake and make it instantly fantastic!  Here are some fun ideas to make them yourself or to have someone customize it for you! 

Yarn Pom Pom Cake Garland


Colorful Pennant Bunting Banner


Fabric Stripes Cake Bunting


All You Need is LOVE Bunting Banner


Something About Strawberries Ribbon Bunting


Circus Tent bunting


Love Bunting Banner


Here's a great tutorial on how to make a Fabric Cake Pennant Banner without sewing!


Upgrading to the new iPhone? Here’s how…

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My iPhone 4s has hit it's limit of abuse from me...speakers are broken, it won't connect to my computer anymore and the battery dies in 4 hours!  So, lucky me the new iPhones are finally here and I have one on its way for me!  Yay! 

I found this great article on a friends blog...he's a tech genius and he knows everything about the iPhone.  Follow him at

How to Properly Upgrade to a New iPhone upgrade-to-a-new-iphone

With the launch of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s right around the corner, now is the time for those who will be upgrading to prepare. In theory, you can simply turn on the new device, work your way through the short setup wizard and restore from a previous backup (whether via iCloud or iTunes), however in my experience, there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier and quicker.

What to do on your OLD iPhone

1) Upgrade Your Old iPhone First

iOS 7 is now available, and it's free to upgrade! Your new iPhone 5c/5s will already have iOS 7 pre-installed, it's always a good idea to have the Operating System (iOS) on both old and new iPhone match. Making this happen is simple! On your old iPhone, go to Settings > General Software Update. That will get you on the latest version of iOS before migrating to the new iPhone.

2) Dump Your Photos and Videos

Reading the heading here too quickly, one would assume I am recommending erasing your photos and videos. This is NOT the case. Rather, it's a (very) good idea to physically connect your iPhone to your computer and transfer your old iPhone's Camera Roll (photos and videos) to your computer, then remove them from your iPhone. Not only is it a good idea to do this once in a while anyway, but it will help the speed up the migration process from your old iPhone to your new iPhone.

3) Backup Your Old iPhone

The last (and most important) thing is to backup your old iPhone one last time. I usually do this just before shutting my old iPhone down for the last time. There are two ways to backup your iPhone:

  • iTunes (backes up every time you connect your iPhone to iTunes)
  • iCloud (backs up once a day automatically over WiFi)

My personal preference is to backup to iCloud as a general rule because it's one less thing I have to think about it... it just happens automatically once a day. You are, however, limited to the storage allotment that Apple gives you (the first 5 GB is free, additional storage is available for purchase). Backing up to iTunes is also a valid backup option for two reasons: 1) you aren't limited on storage like you are with iCloud and 2) the backup and restore processes happen much faster (because it's local rather than over the Internet). Regardless of which method you use, you will want to backup your old iPhone one last time.

Note: backing up your iPhone will capture everything (settings, apps, data, etc) except for passwords. Those are not backed up, for security reasons.

What to do on your NEW iPhone

Once you have completed the three steps above, it's time to unbox your new iPhone and turn it on. If you backed up to iTunes, you will want to make sure you have easy access to the computer that you performed your last backup on. If you backed up to iCloud, you will want to make sure you have access to a fast WiFi connection (restores require WiFi). During the new iPhone setup process, it will ask if you want to restore from a backup (at this point, you still have the option to set the new iPhone up as a new phone without a restore). If you choose to restore, it will ask which method (via iCloud or iTunes). The rest of the setup is crazy straight forward.

If you chose to restore via iTunes, the restore will take anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes, depending on how much content (apps, data, movies, music, etc) you are restoring. If you chose to restore from iCloud, it will take longer, and will happen in two phases. Phase 1 will restore your settings then restart your phone. After the phone restarts, it will being Phase 2, which is re-downloading your apps.

Once the restore has completed, you are all set to start using your shiny new iPhone 5c/5s!

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