White Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

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It seems like almost all of my clients right now are going with white cabinets in their kitchens.  White cabinets are classic.  If you do it correctly, your kitchen will never go out of style.  I created the design of this kitchen, including the cabinet details.  I had a vision for it from day one and it turned out beautiful!

Here are a my favorite details and ideas to assist you in creating your perfect white kitchen.

white kitchen interior design ideas  These cabinets go all the way to the ceiling.  I love this because you don't have the awkward space above the cabinets.  I usually go against decorating above the cabinets, because it can look cluttered and always gets dusty and greasy.  So this look will get rid of that problem. interior design ideas for a white kitchen image
I love to decorate my kitchen with things that I actually use.  For example, putting your cookbooks on display, or fresh flowers (my favorite) and I always have fruit and veggies in bowls and platters.  I like to have everything BIG...a huge bowl with fresh fruit makes a statement.   image white kitcheninterior design of kitchen

Lighting is so important!  Large pendant lights for your kitchen island is essential.  When planning you lighting budget, spend the majority in your kitchen, family room and entry.  The rest of your house will be fine getting the less expensive lighting.  Also, the lighting does not need to be from the same family.  You will want different lights, but you must use the same color combinations within the lighting fixtures.  For example, here we have used all of the rod iron (black) on the fixtures.  With the rod iron, it is occasionally okay to mix with brushed nickel, but that is the only exception.  If you are doing oil rubbed bronze then it all must be oil rubbed bronze, along with cabinet knobs, door handles, ect.

I also love the vintage style bulbs shown here.  It adds more character to the lights (they are available at Lowes). 

interior design ideas   image of dining area in white kitchenimage of white kitchen lightingYou'll want your faucets to match your lighting, cabinet knobs and door handle color as well, so in this case we did rod iron.

image of interior design ideas for a white kitchenliving room that matches white kitchen design   

I love that the gas range and hood is in the center of the cabinets and everything on each side is symmetrical.  It makes the stove a focal point and you can make it stand out nicely with a great backsplash and detail on the hood.  I wanted a large chunky hood and cabinets surrounding the range. 

white cabinets interior design ideasWhen you are going with white cabinets it is important to use a high quality type of wood.  Most cabinet makers suggest using Maple if you are going to be painting the cabinets, which is what we did here.  These cabinet door fronts are called Shaker Style. I had my cabinet guy make them approximately and inch wider (all the way around) than the normal shaker cabinet style. white sink and cabinets with dark countertops imageDo you see that tall skinny door in front of you?  That is my swinging door to the pantry.  I LOVE it!!  It makes it convenient for going in and out of your pantry with your hands full.  image of white kitchensI am a huge fan of big fridges and double ovens.  This fridge pictured is one of the best ones out there and is pretty pricey,  but there are a few other inexpensive alternatives.  Kenmore and Frigidaire both have a 72" fridge, freezer combo, that is about $2,500 versus $11,000 for the one pictured here.  It's not as good of quality as the more expensive brands, but it will give you a similar look.   The appliances pictured are all Thermador, which is currently the best rated brand for upscale appliances.  kitchen interior design tips

When you are designing your cabinetry, keep this built in spice rack in mind.  It is probably my favorite thing about these cabinets.  It's incredibly convenient when cooking and keeps you organized!white kitchen pantry image of white kitchen pantry image of my beautiful kitchen design ideas for decorating a white kitchen

I chose a Moroccan style backsplash for the kitchen.  I also highly recommend getting a pot filler faucet.  It makes things so pretty and when you are cooking, you turn on the water and it comes out hot!  They cost approximately $200-$400 depending on what brand and style that you choose.  interior design details

Decorate with a few large pieces of decor.  You want it to look simple and non cluttered, while giving it a statement. home decor pieces for kitchens

I hope this has assisted you in your process of designing your own perfect kitchen.  If you have any questions, you can email me or write it in the comment box below and I will answer it for you!

Love, Lyndi

Cabinets Built by: Brian Clark from BC Creative located in St. George, Utah 435.313.4638

Photo's Taken by:  Heather Cook 801.703.0392

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7 Gorgeous Kitchens With Grey Cabinets

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Don't raise an eyebrow. Open your mind a little, and allow us to completely blow you away with how grey is very much in today. Although it may seem an odd color to introduce in the kitchen, when it's done right, you can turn your drab outdated room into the new, sophisticated, and even glamorous highlight of the house. Now as we promised, allow us to gently prod you over to our side of the fence — the gorgeous, grey side.


grey kitchen ideas

Photo Credit: jmwoodworks.com

 You can close your mouth now. No one looks good gaping. Didn't know grey cabinets could look so shaker-chic did you? This kitchen is beautiful, and the lovely tiled back-splash is highlighted by the embedded lighting. The wooden ceiling beams are absolutely gorgeous in this luxurious kitchen, and all elements compliment each other wonderfully.


traditional grey kitchen cabinets


Photo Credit: merillat.com

You have to appreciate the bottom heavy feel that the lower grey cabinets/island offer in this kitchen. The white upper cabinets work as an accent piece, and they propose a light, and airy atmosphere to the differing tones of grey.


kitchen ideas with grey cabinets

Photo Credit: sf5355.com

The grey in this kitchen speaks sophistication. Don't you love that the cabinets glimmer, and are complemented by the pink, glass back-splash? The marble wall adds a touch of class too.


design for grey kitchens


Photo Credit: homedesignlover.com

You're still wrong if you think grey is cold. We adore the warmth the yellow painted walls and lighting bring to the room. The grey adds some well-balanced formality to the kitchen, while all the other elements enhance a welcoming and warm display.


grey kitchen cabinets


Photo Credit: homedesignlover.com

From the hardwood flooring and grey cabinets to the white beveled arabesque tiles and can lighting, you're stimulated with visual texture which makes this kitchen a ten out of ten.


image of grey kitchen cabinets


Photo Credit: homedesignlover.com

Grey works in small spaces too. The glossiness of the cabinets combined with the solid wood countertops gives this small kitchen a modern look with a designer's touch. We applaud the homeowners efforts to provide a clean, airy, and spacious look with the use of floating cabinets.


kitchen with grey cabinets and bar stools

Photo Credit: homedesignlover.com

Believe it or not, the cabinets are elongated by use of the grey tone. We highly approve of the grey crown molding that caps the tops to the ceiling to give this kitchen the illusion of height. You can tell this is a custom job that was probably very expensive, but definitely worth it!

Grey cabinets offer a sense of serenity and calmness, but don't be afraid to add just a little bit of chaos in the form of colored accessories and decor. This article was written by Jane from www.modernize.com. For more kitchen cabinet ideas and inspiration check out Modernize!

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Pink and Gray Girls Bedroom {all the details}

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p&g7I have had several requests for the specifics in this bedroom that I designed and decorated.  I thought I would share every detail and help you create a similar room!  So, here is the scoop!!

Paint: {Kwal Brand}

   -Pink: Sacred #CL 1351W

   -Light Gray Stripe: TinMan #CL3232W (My favorite gray color-I painted my entire house this color)

   -Dark Gray Stripe: Shoal #CL3234D (I also used this color when I painted the shelves)

Bedding: Shabby Sheek Pink Bedding from Target, included the comforter, and it comes with 2 pink ruffle pillows


   -White Bolster Pillow from Target

   -Gray Ruffle Pillows from Nordstrom.  These aren't the exact pillows shown, but very close (the pillows shown are currently unavailable).

   -Large White European from ZGallerie.  I bought them in the store, they currently don't have them online. 

Chair: Safavieh Daisy Wing Chair

BedSkyline Wingback Gray Upholstered Headboard

Lighting: white mini chandelier pendant lights

MirrorHoward Elliot Anita Round White Mirror

Rug: Gray Hand Tufted Wool Rug.   This isn't the exact rug that is shown, but it is similar and is an amazing price.  This rug is 5x8 feet.  

Bird Mobile: From Lullaby Mobiles on Etsy.  They customized it with the pink and gray.  It turned out so cute!

Shelving/Shelf Decor: Frames and accents came from HomeGoods, ZGallerie, and Boutiques. 


If you want to see the entire bedroom, here is the initial post on the Pink and Gray Girls Bedroom



Decorating Your Mantel

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decoratingamantle upclose family room wall

When starting to decorate your mantel, it’s best to begin by taking everything down and start with a fresh palette.  A very important key that I like to tell my clients is if you don't absolutely love a certain decor piece, do not feel obligated to use it.  I would rather see an empty space than see a piece of decor that doesn't excite me!

 Simple tricks to start your mantel decor

1. One big piece in the center: Begin in the center and choose something that is of a substantial size, maybe a mirror or artwork that you love.  This will be the main focal point of the mantel.
2. Movement: Choose items that “move” the eye.  Whether it be candles which move from the flickering flame or items of varying heights which make the eye move up and down, include accessories that are intriguing and add vision interest.
3. Visual Weight: A secondary focal point that isn’t as big, but still gives a punch, is a great addition to a mantel ensemble.  When pulling together a mantel, it’s best to layer one piece in front of another.  Choosing a vase with flowers or branches that will sit in front of your “big piece” starts the layering effect.
4. Layering: Whether it be art, photos, candles, or accessories, layering and staggering different sized items in front of each other is a must to create a cohesive composition.
5. Vary Heights: Along with layering, adding accessories of varying heights is more visually engaging.  It helps the eye move up and down and across. 

I also think it important to put an item on your mantel that warms your heart when you see it...a few ideas are: a photo of your family, your family motto, a special souvenir from a memorable vacation, or a quote that gives you inspiration.

I decorated this mantel with things that I purchased from Z Gallerie (one of my all time favorite stores) and HomeGoods. 



The Lagrasse Staging Project…

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When a house is for sale, it is a good idea to stage it with furniture so the future home buyer can visualize how they could set it up.  Plus, it looks a lot better and adds more character to the home.  Homes sell a lot faster when they are staged correctly.  This house was brand new and very nice so it was a pretty easy job!  We decorated the kitchen, dining room and family room.   

Entry way-Before


Entry Way-After

I like to decorate very clean and simply...big chunky pieces of furniture is the key and then add a few decor pieces.  A mirror in an entry way opens up the space.


When I first saw this family room, I thought it was a funky shape...but once we got the furniture in and the tv on the wall, it warmed it up and it felt like home!

TV Wall-Before


TV Wall-AfterIMG_3940

Family Room-BeforeIMG_3871

Family Room-AfterIMG_3890

For the kitchen we used turquoise and yellow as our colors to give it a fun, upbeat feeling.   I made some signs and put them in frames (download for free below), found some funky cups and bowls and displayed them I added a few other decor pieces.



Dining Room-After


Kitchen Signs-download for free belowIMG_3926

This home is 3000 square feet and the price is $379,900.  It is located in my favorite brand new subdivision in Saint George, Utah in the Little Valley area.

If you are interested in this home, contact Steve at 435.313.7312.


Repainting Furniture

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I had a dresser and some old end tables of my grandmas that I was going to get rid of, but I decided to paint them instead.  I needed a new dresser and night stands for my daughters room, so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best!! I was very hesitant at first and didn't have high expectations, but with some help from my expert painter friend it turned out great!

This is his advice for repainting furniture:

-you must sand it down (I know...not very fun)

-get an acrylic paint...this will make the furniture finish more durable and less likely to scratch.  This paint color is from Sherwin Williams and is called Refresh...it's sooo pretty in person!

-choose fun colors and buy new knobs 


This is the before picture...yes, hideous.  IMG_9901

and after!!

dresserI wish I would've taken a before picture of these end tables.  They were yellow with gold leafy specks and they are at least fifty years old...but they are now beautiful!  I also LOVE sentimental things and I was very happy that we could save these end tables that were my grandmas. 



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