How to decorate a Laundry Room…on a budget!

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The laundry room isn't the first place you would think to decorate, right?  Well, it's the first room that I decorated in my new house because it is easy and inexpensive!  Check out the before picture on all the stuff that I used...not very impressive, but with some spray paint, glass jars and some old frames I was able to make this laundry room a happy place to be! 

I wanted to decorate with things that I use, so I bought Oxi Clean, detergent packets, Downy Clear (cause its white, and I wanted it to match) and the pink Downy Unstoppable's.  I bought the Valspar spray paint from Lowes and all the glass jars from Target.  I put the fabric softener in a large glass old fashioned drink container with a spout...I love it, even though it looks like milk!  I painted all the lids and frames...created some cute laundry quotes (download for free below) and printed off some pictures of my kids playing in water.  I spend sooo much time in the laundry room, so I am so glad that I have something fun to look at!! 

laundry roomaaaaaaaaa

 This is what I started with

laundry room before



Lighting…New Construction Design Project

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When building a house, I think the two most important things to spend your money on is lighting and cabinets.  If you do that, your house WILL have so much character.  I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the lighting that we used in this home...there are some fun and different ideas.  This home is almost ready to move in to, but we are just waiting on the finishing touches...and for it to get clean!  Then the fun part begins and we can decorate!

This is the entrance to the courtyard...these lights worked out great and they match the rod iron gate and contrast with the stone perfectly.  


 Kitchen Lighting...we used the vintage filament bulbs in the pendant lights over the bar and it added the perfect touch!



This square light is going above the kitchen tabledininglight

 This chandelier hanging in the family room is a little bit SCI FI, but oh how I love it!


The entry light is a filament chandelier with four bulbs...once again we used the vintage bulbs here too. 



 Master Bedroom Hanging Lights...I did this little technique in every bedroom of this house because it is so convenient to have a light switch next to your bed and the hanging light acts as a lamp.  I will put end tables under each light. 


 This master bathroom is small, so I had to come up with some fun ideas to make it pop.  This idea of hanging lights in a bathroom adds so much character, without having to spend a lot of extra money.  


 These are the side lamp hanging lights for the pink and gray girls bedroom...the chain still needs to come down a bit, but other than that I love them!



 Most of these lights you can get at Restoration Hardware, but I worked with Kay at Kay's TLC Lighting in St. George and she got them for half the price.  She is absolutely fantastic to work with and always spends so much time to help me get the look that I am going for!  If you are in need of lighting, you can contact her at 435.628.6474.


The Reason Why…

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Today, you are going to learn a little more about why I am who I am and where I get my inspiration from.  

I had a good childhood, an incredibly sweet and loving mom,  two very protective older brothers (who would gladly beat up any boy that would look at me) and a sweet younger sister that I was very close to.  I was independent and mature for my age as a teenager.  I got my first official job at 14 (had to lie about my age to get it), bought my first car at 15, finished high school at 16, was going to college at 17 and got married at 18.  Oh my GOODNESS, is that crazy?!? By the way, I do not recommend that for anyone!

Throughout my life, I have always had a very special person to encourage, teach, inspire and love was my auntie Kathy.   Her husband passed away when she was pregnant with her first baby, so she was a single mom and I was able to spend countless summers and holidays with her and her son Tyler.  They lived in California and I lived in Utah, but she would have me come stay with her for weeks at a time.  During those visits, she would make me feel like I was the most important person in the world to her (I realize now that she did this with all of her nieces and nephews).   She taught me to be responsible for my actions, to be strong, to not be taken advantage of, to persevere, to delay gratification (her favorite term) to be emotionally healthy, to read self help books and most of all to laugh and have fun!   

When I became a wife and a mom,  she was always the one that I would get advice from...she knew what to do in EVERY situation.  I was incredibly close to her and I knew that no matter what mistakes I would make she would still love me, be there for me and tell me how to fix it, even if I didn't ask.  

About 5 years ago she moved to Utah, bought a new house and she wanted me to help her design and decorate it from top to bottom...of course I said YES!  The idea of hanging out with her for a week, plus buying new furniture and decor sounded like heaven.  Throughout the week of decorating, she said multiple times "you are good at this" and "you should do this professionally".  She told everyone in the family and all of her freinds that she thought I should be an interior designer...of course I liked that idea, but I didn't think it was even a possiblilty at the time.     

A few months after her house was complete and beyond beautiful, we found out that she had cancer.  She has always had great strength and determination, so I was completely convinced that she would kick cancers ass...but for once in my life, I was wrong.  She passed away 6 weeks later...It all happened so fast and I was devastated to say the least, but I also felt an incredible calmness about it.  I knew she was finally with her husband again in heaven and she was feeling no more pain or discomfort.

Since her passing, I have had an intense desire to become more like her.  After a long, challenging road of getting passed all of my insecurities I think I have finally figured out who I really am, what I can become and what my purpose is in this life.  I make decisions based on what I feel is right and not what other people think I should be doing.  It is a WONDERFUL place to be and I highly recommend it! 

I know that God lives and loves me and I feel him guiding me in my life every single day.  I believe that we all have angels that are constantly surrounding us and lifting us up when we need it and even when we don't.  I know that my Aunt Kathy is one of my angels.  She had so much encouragement and faith in me and I can now see how her hand has strongly guided me to the direction of Interior Design and writing this blog. 

She will always be a huge part of my life and whenever I am struggling with a situation, I think to myself "What would Kathy do?" and I instantly know what she would say.  I love and miss her dearly.   


Thanksgiving 2008 - I can't believe how much younger I look only five years ago




Design Inspiration for a Tween Girls Bedroom

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I am currently working on very fun project!  I am designing and decorating a room for an adorable 12 year old girl...these are a few of the things that I am using and I thought I would share them with you!  Pictures of the completed project will be coming to the blog in a few weeks!  Can't wait!!

The links for all of the items are below...

tween girl


1.  Caitlin Wilson Textiles

2.  White Tufted Ella Sleigh Bed

3.  Porcelain Turquoise Elephant Figurine

4.  White Queen of Love Chair

5.  Ikat Wool Hand Tufted Rug

6. White Ornate Picture Frame with Initial 

7. Turquoise Dresser

8.  White Wall Clock



Baby Girl Inspired Nursery

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I LOVE babies and I LOVE nurseries...but I am 99 percent sure that this mama is done having both of those, so it makes me very excited to be able to decorate nurseries for others and get to hold their babies too (yes, that is part of the contract)!

I'm in love with this color combo and I was able to find some amazing pieces for reasonable prices.

The links for all of these products are below!

baby girl inspired nursery

1. Daisy Wing Chair

2. Pink Striped Rug

3. Z Gallerie Maverick Chandelier

4. Stella Gray Baby Bedding

5. White Round Casey Mirror

6. Gray and Pink Birth Word Art

7. Pink and Gray Bird Mobile

8. Vintage Bow Holder/Special Word Art

9. White Marlowe Sleigh Crib  



The best gray rugs…for the best prices!

Written by Lyndi. Posted in Interior Design is the color of popularity these days!  My personal obsession with gray has almost gone too far...I love gray for fashion, couches, beds, carpet, wall paint, back splash tiles, shoes, bedding, cabinets and RUGS!

These are my top five gray rugs...I love them all and we are building a house with almost all hardwood flooring, so I need a rug in every room! These are all 100% wool and hand my opinion that's the way to go!


This one I am either putting in my family room or master bedroom...I've seen it in person and it's even more glorious! The name of it is Safavieh Martha Stewart Rock Garden Rug...The best price that I found was on for $577 bucks for a 5'6x8'6...this is a least $200 dollars cheaper then any other site!


This one is from Gramercy Collection, called Twigs in's so beautful and I love the pop of mustard. This would be great in a master bedroom or kitchen. The best price was from comes in a variety of sizes.

jaiper rugs traverse

The chevron pattern is incredibly popular these days and I am loving this rug for my son's room...I found it from for $400 for a 5x8 size. Great Price!!


This is a very simple rug by Hokku Designs, that would go anywhere in your home. I found the best price on for a huge 7x9 for $630 bucks....I'm thinking this one for in my family room with a comfy white couch on top of it.

anthropolgie rug

This rug is from Anthroplogie and is absolutely STUNNING! It is a must for my house...I will either put it under my round kitchen table or in my office...for a 8' round it is $798...not the best price ever, but still worth it!


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