Baby Girl Inspired Nursery

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I LOVE babies and I LOVE nurseries...but I am 99 percent sure that this mama is done having both of those, so it makes me very excited to be able to decorate nurseries for others and get to hold their babies too (yes, that is part of the contract)!

I'm in love with this color combo and I was able to find some amazing pieces for reasonable prices.

The links for all of these products are below!

baby girl inspired nursery

1. Daisy Wing Chair

2. Pink Striped Rug

3. Z Gallerie Maverick Chandelier

4. Stella Gray Baby Bedding

5. White Round Casey Mirror

6. Gray and Pink Birth Word Art

7. Pink and Gray Bird Mobile

8. Vintage Bow Holder/Special Word Art

9. White Marlowe Sleigh Crib  



Star Wars love quote…Free Download!

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We LOVE Star Wars at our house, especially my 12 year old daughter...I know, girls usually aren't into this stuff, but she knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Star Wars and I love that about her!  I made this for her, and I will either frame it or print it onto a canvas.

Enjoy my young padawan...

Download link below





Building self confidence in your kids!

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I am the lucky mom of four kids...they all didn't come easily into this world, so I am extra grateful to have them be a part of my family (more on that story to come)!  I want to be the best mom possible to them...and I think the most important thing I can teach them is how valuable and truly special they, how do I do that?!? B03

Children do not need to be fussed over and overpraised for doing simple things that should be done every day, or told they are geniuses for putting a sippy cup in the sink. Children do, however, need to be encouraged—daily.

Everyday they need:

a hug and a kiss

and they need to hear these things...yes,!

I love you

Thank you

I'm so lucky that you are my child

I'm proud of you

I believe in you

I trust you

& they need encouragement 



They need to feel that they are important to you. The best way to do this is through complimenting them.

  • Make your compliments meaningful. Don't just compliment your kids for doing what's expected of them, or for something minor.   Compliments should be reserved for actual accomplishments! Don't pour on the praise for something they didn't actually do. And never say they are the Best in the World in anything. I'm sure that your child is going to do MANY wonderful things today; the key is to look for the right opportunity to praise them.
  • Praise them appropriately. When your kids do something special, like draw you a picture or get dressed by themselves, that's when you can tell that you're proud of them.  Rewarding your children reinforces good behavior, but they are validated simply by knowing that they've pleased you.
  • Slip them a note. If your children can read or are in school, tuck a note in their backpack or lunchbox and let them know how you feel about them.  A little acknowledgment can go a long way.
  • Notice their good deeds.  Whenever you see your child being nice or doing anything positive, tell them that you noticed it and how proud you are of them.

If you do these things everyday, I guarantee that you will see a major shift in your child's self confidence...which boils over into every single aspect of their lives!! Happy Complimenting!

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How to get your kids to LOVE to brush their teeth!

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max brushing teeth Brushing their, it's always been a challenge in my house. So I decided that I needed to be creative and find ways to make it fun for my kids. This picture is of my little boy Max...he's a tough one to get to do anything because whatever I want, he wants the opposite...but this even works with him!!

1.  Take Turns!  Start by letting your kids roll dice...whoever gets doubles first, gets to brush their teeth first, second and third, ect...It's amazing how excited they get about this. If I don't have dice around, I will let them pick numbers or straws...this works great too!

2.  Have a special designated spot that they get to brush their teeth at. Mine is on my counter in my bathroom...but you could use a special stool, ect.

3.  Let your kids choose a couple different toothbrushes and toothpastes from the store...then when it's teeth brushing time, let them choose which one they want to use that day. If they have a choice then there will be no power struggle and they will think it is all their own idea. This works great! Also, buy new toothbrushes every few months...I know it is simple, but the kids get excited about it and love the change.

4.  I let my kids brush their own teeth for a minute and then I brush them the rest of the time (yes, even my 12 year old)...I set a timer and I will try to be funny, or sing a song while I do it.

5.  Let the kids choose some fun "special" cups from the store that are only used for rinsing after brushing teeth...this gets them excited.

Then finally tell them how proud you are of them for being such good teeth brushers...end with a high five, airplane ride or hugs...make it a positive, fun experience.

Now, get their asses to bed.



Baby Shower & free printable downloads

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This is my beautiful sister in law...we are so excited for her and my oldest brother to have their first baby together! We celebrated with a fun baby shower in their honor.



This is me and my sweet mamacita...she helpes me with almost every party or activity that I sign up for and she is the BEST assistant ever! She doesn't even mind if I'm bossy sometimes...I LOVE her so much and I'm so grateful to have her close to me. Did I mention that she's single too? Yeah, she's quite the catch...but I interrogate all of her dates before I will allow them near her...


Here are some free printable quotes and water bottle labels...go to the bottom of this post to download them all!






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