Baptism Ideas – Free LDS Printables!

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Free LDS Printable Baptism Ideas

Hey Guys, I've been working on putting together some baptism ideas for a little girls baptism and I thought I'd share these adorable printable baptism graphics with you! You can frame them for a cute table decoration and save them in a memory book or as a bedroom decoration afterward. I hope you enjoy these free LDS Printables, they can be downloaded below. 

If you are interested in having a custom designed invitation or graphics for your child's baptism, you can email me at:

baptism ideas


New Years Eve Party for KIDS!

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Hello my friends!  I think my new years resolution needs to be to keep up on my blog a little better ('s been crazy)!  I am so excited to start fresh in 2014, and I plan on this upcoming year to be a very happy one for me. 

This New Years Eve, I decided to have a party with kids instead of adults...and I couldn't be happier!  I am thrilled to bring in the new year with them and make it an amazing memory for all of us.  I have come up with some ideas to make the night easy and super FUN!! 


I'm letting my kids invite a few friends and this will be our agenda:

Come in your PJ's: Okay lets be honest, I am doing this first one mostly for myself!  Wearing your pj's just makes everything, you can eat more this way! 

Have Balloons with Written Times:  To make your night and schedule run smoothly, blow up balloons and add a paper with your plan for that specific hour.  When it is that time, let the kids pop the balloon and read what is next on the agenda. They will love this!!


 6:00-Make Individual Homemade Pizzas:  Making your own pizza is always a hit with kids and it gets their creative brain working.  You can make the dough yourself, or just buy the pizza crust already made (that's what I'm doing).  Then, buy pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, peperoni, olives, ham, pineapple, mushrooms, tomatoes, and whatever else you like on your pizza.  Bake them for 10-15 minutes on 375 degrees.  EASY!!


7:00-Make Party Hats: Create your own party hats for your celebration with cardstock and ribbon! Decorate them by using pom-poms, glitter, sequins, glitter glue, ribbon, and anything else you have laying around. 


Party hat picture from

8:00-Make and Decorate Cookies & Sprinkle Topped Milk Glasses


9:00-Play Charades: Come up with topics that have to do with new years eve...a few ideas are: Sparklers, Time Square, Clock, 2014, Balloons, Confetti, Party, Crowd, Goals, Food, Midnight, Ball Drop.

10:00-White Elephant Gift Game, Write New Year Resolutions & Hot Chocolate Bar


11:00 Karaoke & Dance Party!! Turn up the music, dance, sing and have Advil close by!

12:00 Scream, Bang Pots and Pans, Brush their Teeth and go to BED :) !

I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve and a blessed New Year!

Love, Lyndi

P.S. If you want to go by New York time so the kids can go to bed sooner, then change your clocks in the name of your sanity.


Cake Bunting Banner

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Let me introduce you to the amazing new idea, known as Cake Bunting!  I've made a few of these cake bunting banners and I reuse them over and over again.  They can take any plain cake and make it instantly fantastic!  Here are some fun ideas to make them yourself or to have someone customize it for you! 

Yarn Pom Pom Cake Garland


Colorful Pennant Bunting Banner


Fabric Stripes Cake Bunting


All You Need is LOVE Bunting Banner


Something About Strawberries Ribbon Bunting


Circus Tent bunting


Love Bunting Banner


Here's a great tutorial on how to make a Fabric Cake Pennant Banner without sewing!


4th of July {Party Ideas}

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The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays!  We have a BBQ and party with our neighbors every year and it is always a fun time! Here are a few great recipes and party ideas to make your fourth of July party memorable!



1.  Tissue Paper Pom Poms

2. Star Sugar Cookies

3. 4th of July Cake Pops

4. Frozen Layered Drinks

5. Patriotic Push Up Pops

6.  Cupcake Toppers

7. Licorice Bunches for watching fireworks!

8.  Patriotic Mason Jars

9. Layered 4th of July Cake


Baby Shower & free printable downloads

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This is my beautiful sister in law...we are so excited for her and my oldest brother to have their first baby together! We celebrated with a fun baby shower in their honor.



This is me and my sweet mamacita...she helpes me with almost every party or activity that I sign up for and she is the BEST assistant ever! She doesn't even mind if I'm bossy sometimes...I LOVE her so much and I'm so grateful to have her close to me. Did I mention that she's single too? Yeah, she's quite the catch...but I interrogate all of her dates before I will allow them near her...


Here are some free printable quotes and water bottle labels...go to the bottom of this post to download them all!






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