Easy Halloween Food for KIDS!

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I have the lucky job of being Max's room mom for his first grade class this year!  I love this job because my main focus is to plan all the PARTIES!  I am currently planning the Halloween party that will happen next week, and I thought I would share some ideas with you if you happen to be doing the same thing.

Now onto food...these are a few fun, super EASY (I'm all about that) ideas that I know the kids will go crazy over.  My favorite...the bloody syringe drinks!  Yum!!  Details on each food item are listed  below.

halloween food for kids1. Delicious and Crunchy Bones: Straight pretzel, mini marshmallows on each end and dipped in white chocolate.

2.  Sweet and Juicy Pumpkins: Clementine oranges peeled with a green pipe cleaner in the middle.  

3.  Frankenstein Cups:  Pudding, green food coloring, crushed oreo for the top, draw a face on a clear plastic cup.

4.  Witches Hats: Keebler Fudge striped cookies, orange frosting, hershey kiss.

5. Vampire Doughnuts: Doughnut, vampire teeth and chocolate chips.

6.  Witches Broom: String cheese and a pretzel.

7.  Used up Bandaids: Cinnamon graham crackers, frosting and jelly.

8.  Monster Pudding Cups: Pudding, food coloring to make desired color, multicolor sprinkles to the top of each cup and draw a face onto a clear plastic cup.  

9.  Bloody Punch: Clear cups, Sprite, red punch or cherry syrup, syringes.

10.  Mummy Dogs: Hot dogs, crescent rolls, ketchup and mustard.  

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