First Day of School Signs {free printable download} Preschool – Senior Year **UPDATED**

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This is a great way to document your child's first day of school, and when your sweet kids are grown and gone these first day of school signs in the pictures will help you remember how old they were.  I created these from ages preschool through senior year!! Download for free below.  You can print them on an 8.5x11 or 11x14 (pictured).

first day of school signsI am so in love with these two preschoolers! Lucy finally (by the skin of her teeth) gets to go to preschool this year with her big sis and she is beyond excited!! Although it was very difficult to have 3 kids in 3 years I absolutely love their closeness in age now! It sure makes things fun, crazy and our days full of girly screams (especially Max). 

first day of school free printables

It took Lucy a minute to get the confidence to go in the you can see Millie Kate is giving her the "get over it already and come on" look.first day of school picture
walking in first day of school

 Max started first grade...WOW! I can't believe my little side kick will be away from me all day long.  It will be an adjustment to say the least!  I love this boy and on his second day of school he said "mom, I really am starting to enjoy school".  What a stud he is! first day of school first grade

Millie HAD to come with us on his first day to wish him well.sibling love first day of school

Then there were the 12 year oh man!  How did they get this old? Jayce is my nephew, but I like to call him my fifth child.  Him and Madison are the same age and they go to school together.  Makes this mama happy knowing that Jayce is there to take care of anyone who messes with my girl :) . first day of school printable signprintable download free first day of schoolthe kids on their first day of school breakfast before the first day of school

Happy first day of school to all of my friends out there! I hope for many successful days ahead for your kiddos and lots of fun lunches out with girlfriends for all of the moms!


Preschool through Senior Year

 first day of preschoolfirst day of preschool bluefirst day of kindergartenfirst day of first gradefirst day of second gradefirst day of third gradefirst day of fourth gradefirst day of fifth gradefirst day of sixth gradefirst day of seventh gradefirst day of eighth gradefirst day of ninth gradefirst day of tenth gradefirst day of eleventh gradefirst day of senior year

  • Juliann

    Just printed out ones for my Preschooler & Kinder–SO CUTE!!! I’m excited to use them. I hope I can keep it a tradition & you re-do next year with 2014! :-)

  • jperone135

    Do you have any that don’t have a specific year, or will you repost these for this year? SOOOO cute!

    • Ellie Bean Design Co

      I will definitely post new ones next year!! Thanks for your interest and I hope you have a fantastic first day of school!!

  • noudles04

    I love these! Thank you. My 2nd grader will love her sign!

  • Kate

    Do you have ones that say “last day of…”? I think it would be cute to picture them on first and last days to see how much they have grown.

    • Ellie Bean Design Co

      That is a fabulous idea! I can definitely makes some of those…look for them :) ! Thanks for the great tip!

  • jill cole

    Thank you for creativity. These signs are so cute. Any chance you are going to update them for 2014?

    • Lyndi

      Just updated these signs for 2014! Enjoy!

    • Lyndi

      I just updated the signs for 2014!

  • Brittany Hodges

    Thanks for the cute signs! We used the preschool one this morning!

    • Lyndi

      You are soooo welcome!! Happy first day of school!

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