How to decorate a Laundry Room…on a budget!

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The laundry room isn't the first place you would think to decorate, right?  Well, it's the first room that I decorated in my new house because it is easy and inexpensive!  Check out the before picture on all the stuff that I used...not very impressive, but with some spray paint, glass jars and some old frames I was able to make this laundry room a happy place to be! 

I wanted to decorate with things that I use, so I bought Oxi Clean, detergent packets, Downy Clear (cause its white, and I wanted it to match) and the pink Downy Unstoppable's.  I bought the Valspar spray paint from Lowes and all the glass jars from Target.  I put the fabric softener in a large glass old fashioned drink container with a spout...I love it, even though it looks like milk!  I painted all the lids and frames...created some cute laundry quotes (download for free below) and printed off some pictures of my kids playing in water.  I spend sooo much time in the laundry room, so I am so glad that I have something fun to look at!! 

laundry roomaaaaaaaaa

 This is what I started with

laundry room before


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