How to get your kids to LOVE to brush their teeth!

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max brushing teeth Brushing their, it's always been a challenge in my house. So I decided that I needed to be creative and find ways to make it fun for my kids. This picture is of my little boy Max...he's a tough one to get to do anything because whatever I want, he wants the opposite...but this even works with him!!

1.  Take Turns!  Start by letting your kids roll dice...whoever gets doubles first, gets to brush their teeth first, second and third, ect...It's amazing how excited they get about this. If I don't have dice around, I will let them pick numbers or straws...this works great too!

2.  Have a special designated spot that they get to brush their teeth at. Mine is on my counter in my bathroom...but you could use a special stool, ect.

3.  Let your kids choose a couple different toothbrushes and toothpastes from the store...then when it's teeth brushing time, let them choose which one they want to use that day. If they have a choice then there will be no power struggle and they will think it is all their own idea. This works great! Also, buy new toothbrushes every few months...I know it is simple, but the kids get excited about it and love the change.

4.  I let my kids brush their own teeth for a minute and then I brush them the rest of the time (yes, even my 12 year old)...I set a timer and I will try to be funny, or sing a song while I do it.

5.  Let the kids choose some fun "special" cups from the store that are only used for rinsing after brushing teeth...this gets them excited.

Then finally tell them how proud you are of them for being such good teeth brushers...end with a high five, airplane ride or hugs...make it a positive, fun experience.

Now, get their asses to bed.


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