Mustaches…Oh, I just love them!

Written by Lyndi. Posted in Free Printables, Graphic Design

I thought I would dedicate an entire post to mustaches!  I never thought mustaches could be so trendy, but they sure are and I think they are soooo fun!  I created some quotes that you can download for free all about mustaches!

This first one is my absolute favorite and I am going to put it in my boys room for them to always remember how important it is to be a gentlemen.  NOTHING is sexier and more attractive to me then a man who fits this description of a gentleman.  




Here are a few funny mustache quotes that I found online...431805_411999355574144_2140996603_nil_570xN.306020617 tumblr_m344mk1ewD1qexei5o1_500

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