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Hey there my fellow there anyone still out there?!?  Apparently I decided to take the first few weeks of summer off from blogging!  I've been in party mode with my kids being home and we have been going non stop.  We have been swimming, staying up late, partying with friends, traveling and I've been trying to work in between all of that!  Here are a few hightlights of my life the past few weeks!

First, we had our annual last day of school party with our awesome friends!! Thanks to my BFF Kristin for hosting! 


The swimming suit is the only outfit we have been wearing lately


Madison perfected the hair flip


 Max had basketball camp and him and his friend Chase are planning to be famous one day


I took Madison and a few of her friends on a road trip to see Taylor Swifts RED TOUR!  It was so much fun!  We shopped, ate the best food and went swimming!  Taylor Swift was completely entertaining and we had a blast!


 My mom came along for the ride and I'm so glad that she did!


 Did I mention that I went shopping? Well, I wish I would've shopped here!


The girls trying on their first pair of 6 inch heels


 While we were on our trip Max lost his two front teeth!! Sooo cute!


This summer I have been trying to have a lot of one on one time with my kids.  This day was Madison's date and she wanted to bring a few of her friends along.  We ate lunch then came home and made cupcakes and had a dance party.  Yep, this is the life!!


 Later in the week we went to check out the new Wet n' Wild in Las Vegas!  It was so much fun and yes, I went on all the slides with the kids!  Made me feel young again...and that is a great feeling since I turned the big 34 this week.  I'm getting older, but feeling so much wiser too.  Life is good. 


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