Organizing your pantry! Plus, free food label printables!

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I am the happiest girl when things are clean and organized around me.  Of course, being a single working mom of four kids doesn't really leave me any extra time to organize.  I decided to make this pantry of mine a priority and I wanted to share my ideas with you. Organization + Food + Matching Glass Jars = Lyndi's happy place! 

I wanted a very classy, fun look but I also needed my pantry to be functional.  I bought these glass jars from Walmart and Target and it helped with my problem of all the random chip, cookie, and crackers bags that get stuffed to the back of my pantry and I end up forgetting that I even have them.  Plus, it makes it pretty!! 

I also displayed all of my white dishes in my pantry.  It gave it a beautiful look and it will be nice to have easy access to them.  

I created labels for all of my cooking ingredients to finalize the look.  I also created some fun kitchen quotes and framed and hung them in my pantry.

You can download the labels and kitchen quotes for free below.  The labels you can print on an 8.5x11 size page.  I suggest either printing them on photo paper or lamentating them.  Enjoy!!

organizing your kitchen pantry


organizing ideas for kitchen pantry

pantry organization tips

image of organized pantry

pantry with food labels

kitchen organization for pantry

keeping kitchen organized

dishes in pantry organized

food label for pantry decoration

apron hanger in pantry label

cute pantry decoration

jars for organizing pantrylovelyndi 


  • Justin Williams

    Wow! You are organized! What an awesome Pantry!

  • Melissa Steph

    I LOVE YOU IDEAS! I just redid my pantry and may move a chair in there and hide!! Do you have a blank template for the labels you would share? I have some different staples I would like to match !

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