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The past few weeks has been filled with non stop fun and craziness.  We are currently in the process of moving (more to come on that later) but we have also had a lot of play time are a few highlights!

First, it was my turn to help in Max's class and Lucy came along.  She absolutely loved it...this little chick is ready for kindergarten already! 

 IMG_9028 IMG_9032

She was so good at being my helper that we HAD to go get cupcakes afterwards!!  Maybe it was more for me than her though...



 Then, Captain America and Spider Karate guy came for a visit at my house!  They make me laugh so much!


 Oh and how can I forget that Max snuck bacon into church...yep, in his pockets!


After 12 years of me only having babies in my family, I finally got another nephew and I am in LOVE!  He has the sweetest spirit about him and we celebrated with a party on his blessing day!

IMG_9397P1000098This is me, my mom, and my two them!  

P1000109I love this pic of my gorgeous and sweet mom holding baby Zayden...really shows how tiny he is!
IMG_9412Max LOVES him a little too much...poor baby!IMG_9424

 Last week Madison (my 12 year old) asked me if I would take her and her friends out on Friday night...I thought to myself "really? You wanna hang with your momma on Friday night?" I said yes and it was a complete blast...the talk of boys was a little overwhelming and I did have to pop a few Advil, but it was a total fun party being with these girls!  Oh and that last pic is of me practicing my back out world!  or ER :) !



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